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Transhumans: A Journey Beyond Boundaries

Welcome to Transhumans, a collection that's more than just illustrations—it's a celebration of breaking free, transcending limitations and embracing a future filled with endless possibilities.

Inspired by 80s sci-fi, kawaii art, minimalist Japanese illustrations, and the intriguing concept of transhumanism, these doodles reflect my punk rock spirit, my roots, and my belief in the beauty of imperfection.

What's Inside?

  • PSD, PNG & SVG Files: Dive into the raw and brash style of Transhumans with high-quality PSD, PNG, and SVG (vector) images, ready to be used, remixed, and explored.
  • Free & Open Source: Under the CC0 license, these illustrations are yours to play with. Download, remix, and make the world a bit more beautiful.
  • A Connection to Creativity: These aren't just images; they're an invitation to join a journey, a testament to the transformative power of sharing, and a tribute to the belief that creativity is a choice that can be nurtured.

Why Free?

Because I believe in you. I believe in our collective ability to co-create, to inspire, and to make art that transcends boundaries. It's up to you to decide if you want to mention that these are the creations of "Pablo Stanley" or not. Your choice, your journey.

Feel Like Contributing?

While this collection is available for free, if you find value in these pieces and wish to support my ongoing creative endeavors, you can choose to make a donation via Gumroad. Every contribution fuels the fire of creativity and collaboration.

Download Transhumans and Embrace the Future Transhumans is a reminder that our imperfections are what make us uniquely beautiful, that limitations can be transcended, and that a world without constraints is within our reach.

Join me in this exploration, download Transhumans, and let's make the world a bit more beautiful together.

Feel like Shopping?

There's a shop with some prints for sale, if you're into that!

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A free collection of bold and raw illustrations, inspired by 80s sci-fi, punk rock, and the concept of transcending human limitations. Available in PNG & SVG formats, these pieces invite you to explore creativity, embrace imperfection, and co-create a more beautiful world. Optional donations support ongoing artistic endeavors.

Unique Artistic Style
Inspired by 80s sci-fi, kawaii art, and minimalist Japanese illustrations, Transhumans offers a raw and brash style that's a tribute to the punk rock spirit.
Free & Open Source
Available under the CC0 license, these illustrations are free to download, remix, and use in any way you see fit. A celebration of sharing and collaboration.
High-Quality Formats
The collection includes high-quality PNG and SVG images, ensuring flexibility and creativity in your projects.
Created by Pablo Stanley
Crafted by an artist passionate about inspiring others, these doodles are a manifestation of belief in creativity as a skill and choice.
Embrace Imperfection
A celebration of imperfection and a reminder that our unique flaws make us beautiful. Transhumans is a journey back to roots and a tribute to the power of art.
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235 ratings
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